The patriarchic structures

The missing Link

Nowadays in my view this is the so-called “missing link”, which can be discovered in patriarchal structures where control of the people and lordship is the assumed way to handle people and companies.

Currently the world is just getting completely out of control – people are scared and the structures are trying to get back the power…

The time has immensely changed. And it is high time! People are about to take over slowly their self-responsibility and discovering their creativity. Which is so much needed!

Everyone has its own huge resources. May it be a musician, who is bringing vibes and healing and a smile into people’s life or may it be a worker ion a grocery store who is helping others in getting their daily deliveries. May it be a teacher who is teaching and guiding kids or students into their life. May it be a nurse, who is holding a hand of someone in need.

Just be free

Humans are most powerful, beneficial and loyal when they are free. Inside. As well as outside. Treated with real empathy (which is human) and respect.

Doing what they love to do the most.

The feminine way of leadership, coming from the deep inner self, is surrounded by true will of understanding and empathy, because it’s people-oriented, rather than “thing”-oriented.

The “feminine way” is not necessarily about being a woman. Both men and women are having both parts inside: the feminine as well the masculine. Yin and Yang.

The way is to incorporate both. How?

It has all to do with listening to your heart ❤️ and soul. Your deep inner knowing. Your connection to people and about – being a human being yourself: lead by your heart ❤️ and NOT by your Ego.