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Discover the power of your natural leadership traits to become a better YOU.

From BurnOut into a fulfilled, wholesome version of yourself


Work within finding your true nature. Do you want to become the master of your own life? Let’s work together in finding your true purpose in life, your business, and your relationships.

It’s time for


The old traditional masculine leadership ways are no longer working.

The toxic and power-oriented leadership is what drives you to frustration.

You feel trapped, stifled.

Because that is not who you are.

Explore with me how your feminine intuition, your empathy, and your nurturing spirit are now the tools that turn you into the business leader you want.
From the inside out.














This is my


I just love to look into people’s shining eyes! People who find “their light” (again) and follow their destiny – and their very own vision. That is priceless to me.

This is my WHY.



















Am I right for you?

Listen to your gut feelings first. Then ask yourself this: Do you really want to change something?
Do you want to get deeper into it? Into you?
Do you want a real, life-changing transformation?


And now: Listen to your gut again.
If it feels right, contact me. You are welcome to join my community and get to know me.

If you would like to read from me, sign up for my SoulFlowLetter. Or book a date for a
personal call with me.

I’ll be happy to meet you!

My career

Professional. Diverse knowledge. Experience. Practice

Christine Rudolph | Coaching & Mentoring

In their coaching and mentoring, my clients receive with me a sparring partner and companion on their own Heroes Journey – the journey to themselves – and thus… the journey into their authentic BEING.

Only then does everything become true that has brought us here into this world. When we live our true potential is unadulterated.

All mentoring goes deep. Require complete commitment. To yourself and to this process.

I work exclusively with sensitive people who are looking for exactly this in a trusting and professional atmosphere.

My expertise is based on my experience and training over the past 25 years in all its diversity and above all on the fact of “simply being human” with all its facets.

I work on the basis of the teachings of the 8-fold path and the art of Kintsugi from Japanese Zen, as well as with many exciting impulses and tools from the Eastern and Western hemispheres.

I bring together what apparently – in the “old world view” – does not belong together. But this has always been an illusion.

Everything belongs together. Yin & Yang.

I work integrally-holistically and of course energetically with our vibrational frequencies.

We start inside. Always. From there we go outside. Inside-Out.

My coaching & mentoring is creative and holistic: facts and ratio, exercises, impulses AND feelings as well as mindset, mindfulness and breath.

As a trauma therapist working with developmental trauma, I am also very sensitive to issues that usually emerge over time in the process.

With me, people don’t get coaching… but their own personal journey to themselves.

And much more.

We clean up, dig gold and polish the previously hidden diamonds.

I am first and foremost a travel companion for sensitive heroines & heroes.


  • Leadership Mentoring
  • Life Design Coaching
  • Business Mentoring Inside-Out
  • Integral Leadership Coach | Brand & Business Development
  • Systemic Psychotherapist (HPG)
  • Trauma Therapist (Integral EMDR)
  • Trauma therapist (SEI-Somatic Emotional Integration)
  • Systemic couple therapist
  • International yoga teacher in own yoga school (2010 – 2019)
  • International Business Management
  • Strategic International Management
  • Global Management
  • Media and Event Management
  • Communication Management
  • Freelance

2020 – Today

23 years of business professional and experience in international conglomerates with stations in China (2 years) and India (1 year) as well as multidimensional stays over a total of 15 years in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Palestine, Israel, Dubai, HongKong, Singapore…


  • International Business Development
  • Strategy and market entry
  • Management Onboarding in an International Environment
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Emerging Markets:
    55 markets in Asia, the Pacific, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East

Ongoing dissertation in the field of leadership

I am what is called a highly gifted and scanner personality. I have many interests, all of which I have put into practice. All my projects are in very different areas.

Growing up bilingual, learning three additional languages (and currently the fourth), cable holder in television in my youth, a dental assistant in my younger years, then came the “real” apprenticeship as a banker (that was not an interest ;-), via working at an international airport in various areas (freedom & travel…), to business studies with an international orientation: in the field of human resources and organization and international business, yoga teacher and former yoga school owner (10 years), trauma therapist, couples therapist, systemic therapist and coach, intercultural coach (there it is again, the orientation on a global level and between and with cultures), to book author, podcaster and lecturer at a university.

I have often been asked how I do “all that”. Honestly, it has always been normal for me to be able to get into topics and people at lightning speed and to bring projects into the world.

At some point, I realized that not everyone is like that and then I found out about my giftedness.

It was a long way until then, and I had to question myself because I often felt like I was from another planet.

In the meantime, I live all my facets with great joy and can let all this flow into my work with people. A great gift for me!


I’m Christine


I accompany courageous individuals on
their way to personal and professional
success. In their wild colors, in their
self-determined, free life.



All my life I have always been pretty“colorful”, full of creative ideas and visions.

And that’s exactly what I’m doing now.



It probably sprang from my Hungarian blood… And you can also find it in my vita. Always being a bit uncomfortable, never satisfied with the status quo, that’s what enables me to work in a very wide range today as the central theme in my life.


When I was a child, I loved to play singer or teacher. The singing is still in me today: I love singing out loud in the car.

Setting impulses (= “teaching”) in my mentoring and yoga classes is my elixir of life

What I can do for you



The sky is the limit! Let us find your life vision together

and take the first steps towards it.


Stress resilience & Burn-out

I accompany you on your path to a stress-free life vision.  If you have been exposed to stress for a long period of time, either personally or professionally, I can help you step out of that state and live a wholesome and purposeful life. It’s time to focus on YOU.

leadership coaching

New times call for new ways and in leadership trends, this is no exception. Leaders are expected to have a connection with their teams. The old masculine leadership techniques are now outdated, giving way to a more engaging and nurturing approach: the feminine way.

business and life coaching

As a former corporate professional myself, I can guide you to transform your business into something you are truly connected to. I also accompany you to lead the life you actually want for yourself, no masks, no disguises: the real you.

Work with



Book a session of 3 hours with me. We will have a chance to get to know each other, talk about what you are looking for, and shed some light on what’s troubling you.


Come away with me and we will explore the ways in which you can start your transformation. Away from your stress and burdens. Join me in the sunny Mallorca!



Stay present, don’t feed the Monkey Mind

Stay present, don’t feed the Monkey Mind

The term "monkey mind" comes from one of the Buddhist principles, defining it as a mind that is unsettled, restless, or uncontrolled. This constant activity in our minds can keep us from experiencing many situations with a healthy, relaxed...



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