… is someone true to oneself

Being true to yourself and free yourself from chains which are not meant for you – the meaning of a unicorn.

Chains and Patterns

Discovering ones own chains and patterns which are holding one back from their own and true path, is fundamental for the development of the self and of a human and kind world, where we are meant to bring our talents and inner wisdom to establish an enduring environment for all of us, to live fully in joy and discovering our potential.

That is the meaning of life to me and I love to see in shiny eyes of people I have accompanied for some time individually – seeing them shining like a diamond -inside-out.

Everyone’s journey in life

Nevertheless one owns journey is everlasting – while learning step by step… leaving old habits, trauma and pain behind.

We are all in this. For sure.

Yesterday with the full moon and the eclipse an old chapter has been closed for many of my clients – “accidentally” – and a new chapter is starting just NOW…

Are you also one of the last unicorns…?