Brave Heart.

Before it is becoming really great – it is getting worse…

Transition Phases. Leaving an old life and a big chapter in one’s life it is transforming like almost nothing else.

Letting go not just means the visible side, but even more the invisible and tiny parts in one’s life.
All kinds of “stuff” is coming up, may it be physical (like it happened to me right now) or mental, or both. Now the allowance is here. The allowance for all kind of things which are only now showing up. Where one had to function day-in, day-out, over decades, the space is now open – to heal. Inside-Out.

The society is usually calm about these topics (as with many other topics as well), but it affects almost anyone in different situations in life.
Me going through another huge transforming process (Transitions in Life are inevitable and usually an on-going learning process) allows me even more to accompany my clients in these changes, once I will be ready again to arise like a Phoenix…

The time is always NOW. And not tomorrow.

Too many people are still in the “hide & seek”-mode, out of old patterns & unknown traumatic responses.

It is time. To talk. To awake. To support each other.