Without your roles…?

Who are you… without all your roles…?

You are not a manager. You have been given the role of being a manager.
You are not an architect. You have been studying in order to fill the role as an architect.
You are not a doctor. You have been learning what it means to take care of people in need.

You ARE you. No filter needed.

Dresses in Life

All the roles in your life you have chosen for yourself like a dress.
You can change dresses.

With each role… you are taking over a responsibility.
It’s the responsibility to take care of those in need as a doctor, of your team as a manager and of the project and everyone involved as an architect.


Responsibility has to do with love.
With empathy.
With respect and mindfulness.

Everyone has taken over roles and responsibilities. According their own interests and what brings them a smile.

For me it is to see people smiling again, finding their purpose in life, building their dream, creating their vision.

It is all for a better world.
For something bigger.

There is so much to see in the world, to explore, to create.

Ego is Out

There is no space at all for an ego-based world. Creating wars and battles, from inside to outside. Out of a role.

So. Who are you? Outside of your role?

PC @Alex Gressel

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