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DeConnect to ReConnect

Lost Vision? BurnOut? Highly Sensitive? High Achiever?

Anxiety and unexplained panic attacks?


Be brave, dare an adventure.
3 days can move a lot. Transform.

Your life journey starts here: Relax & Re-Align.
Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of this beautiful island and carried away by the unique light of the Mediterranean.

I will accompany you on your journey. Focus on You.



Years in function mode, high-end. High Achiever, a strong personality with exceptional talents. A free bird to whom rigid structures are abhorrent – and yet you have also achieved top performance there.

Tired inside, very tired, but of course no one notices. Burnt out. That’s how it feels.
You suppressed your high sensitivity for years. It simply had no place. Creativity? Neither did you. Actually, you want to get out of there. Live your life. Just be.

But how?

The 3-day 1:1 retreat on Mallorca is just right for you! Here you get the chance to fully concentrate on yourself and find out what you really want in life. In a setting characterized by trust and absolute confidentiality, you have the opportunity to open up and look at your issues.

In my holistic-creative coaching approach, we reconnect you as a human being with your vision. Letting go of stressors, relaxation as well as a new perspective with focus and new motivation.
Leave everyday stress behind and dive in.



Being burnt out is just one of the symptoms of a world of higher, further, faster and a culture of “busy-ness” and multitasking. We don’t have time. We have to take it.
Shut down. Slow down. To become still. To perceive. To feel.

In this very individual retreat there is no prefabricated programme, but only personal guidance after our preliminary talk. I choose exactly what is most useful for you, my guest and client, at that moment. This can be gentle yoga exercises in the morning, awareness of the breath, a meditative walk barefoot by the sea, or a combination of all of these.
































Discovering yourself is the easiest, but at the same time the hardest journey. For me, it is the famous hero’s journey that leads you, the hero (the heroine) over many different hurdles and challenges into your destiny. Our own destiny – it is usually covered up by how we grow up, what our environment says and what we have been taught. It is often only much later in life, at around 45+, that we often ask ourselves if “this is it” and we often question our entire life.

A new phase begins. Extremely exciting. Often frustrating at first. This is exactly where I come in: all experienced and lived through myself, coupled with my professional expertise – I accompany you on your personal journey. Through thick and thin. From darkness into light. From the inside to the outside.



Where do I go now? What should I do? Where is my focus? These are the questions that occupy you most when the “old and familiar world” is collapsing, fears are spreading and you are being thrown out of your comfort zone.

We use this transformational power for your new beginning. Welcome to (your) Life! Your focus brings you into your vision. Your fears into your new beginning. Trauma-sensitive, I am at your side when old wounds come up. Visionary, when we creatively paint your future. As a coach, when it comes to implementation. As a mentor, when questions show you the way.
Welcome to Palma! I am very much looking forward to meeting you.

Retreat in Mallorca

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