Sense Rich. Sensitive. Personal.

Times of radical Change.

Often 45+ or even a little later … at some point it comes:
the time of upheaval – without warning.

A huge crack. The trigger may be the relationship that breaks up. Or the senselessness of daily routines. A diagnosis that comes unprepared.

A major crash. Somehow. Seemingly out of nowhere.

One’s own feeling: trapped in structures, wanting to get out of them but feeling unable to – a standstill situation.

Overhearing one’s body, always “on the go” – we are all familiar with the hustle mode – and the consequences are immense.

Burnout is just one of them.

Aliveness and sensitivity – healthy being on all levels – a completely different approach, for each individual, for couples and for organisations.

My offer:

Individual accompaniment in challenging and personal times of upheaval.

I am very much looking forward to getting to know you!

With Heart and Soul

Personal ( journey ) Companion
for sensitive people in times of radical change

Burn-out, Stress, Trauma & Couple Coaching

I accompany you on your way if you are close to or already in the middle of a burnout or if you want to prevent one. My approach to therapeutic coaching is very holistic and consists of various elements of psychotherapy and trauma therapy, but also interwoven with Far Eastern elements of stress reduction and balancing the autonomic nervous system, vision work and coaching elements. Above all, however, I am present with your concerns.

As a couple we look at the different elements in your connection, playfully enter into communication where there may have been barriers before. We illuminate your trigger points and look at your wishes – individually and as a couple.

Sensitive Leadership and Communication Mentoring

In a rapidly changing, highly agile world (VUCA), holistic leadership competences and multidimensional approaches are in demand, which see and appreciate people with all their facets. Whether entrepreneurs, managers or organisations: Personal responsibility, self-leadership, sensitivity, appreciation, respect, interculturality and cosmopolitan communication are the foundations for the future.

Whether 1:1 or in workshop format – I look forward to your enquiry.

Business and Intercultural Coaching Asia

Entrepreneurs and organisations often look at old and grown structures. Which no longer fit. What should an entrepreneur be like, what values does an organisation represent? Is the culture of fear present? Many questions move us. Entrepreneurs need their very own authenticity; an organisation is like a living being. This is exactly what makes our joint work exciting!

Learning from Asia? Or even prepare your own brand entry in Asia? From my 20 years of expertise, I accompany entrepreneurs and organisations in business development with and in Asia.

Palma Stadtstrand

Personal and individual accompaniment in rough times.

Holistic. Individual. Clear.

In a personal atmosphere, here with me “offline” on the beautiful island of light: Mallorca – or in the magical atmosphere of Marrakech – and for preparation and follow-up online – we create a personal space for topics, relaxed encounters as well as creative solutions. Time of upheaval is always a time of inner retreat, of one’s own change. Often, not always, from the position of burnout, one’s own issues emerge. A partnership that was believed to be solid breaks up, the job is no longer the calling, body and mind are tired.

Where do you go from here?

I accompany people like you on exactly this, their own, path.

A warm welcome.

Kathedrale La Seu in Palma Mallorca bei Sonnenuntergang

is a long way from being healthy.

Christine Rudolph Welle

Back to the Basics:

Barefoot in the sand.

With your feet on the ground. Even better: barefoot in the sand. On the dewy meadow. Perceiving with all senses. Sensory realm.

For us as human beings: essential.

Our senses ground us, bring us (back) to the here and now. We recover through perception. Our body is our compass.

The online world has made many things easier. But many things have not. This includes human, real connections and a healthy, connected way of life.

“Functioning” in “systems and structures” destroys our connection to ourselves, to our nature, our perception, our connections. To our life.

Meaningful He-Living with heart and soul. Very simple – very difficult. That’s what it’s all about.

Whether it is mentoring, vision coaching or therapeutic coaching – my approach is holistic and fed by different methods of trauma psychotherapy, the systemic approach, creative vision and communication work, different Far Eastern methods such as yoga, Ayurveda, Ikigai and Kintsugi, creative coaching and also body therapeutic methods.

Intuition, creativity and inner impulses are the most effective qualities that develop people into real (own) leaders, without stress or burnout.

From the inside to the outside.

My services

3 hours
Intensive Coaching

Individual 1:1 Intensive

ONLINE Coaching

A burning issue does not wait.

Be it a personal issue such as burnout, couple issues, separation, bullying, or your own life vision and reorientation.

In 3 hours of intensive work in the morning or afternoon we dive into your specific topic, find solutions and the next steps of implementation.

Personal Retreat

Individual 1:1 Retreat

Disconnect to (Re)-Connect.

Time just for you. Retreat. Reflection. Re-align. The first step starts here on the island. Sometimes it takes a change of place to recognise new paths. Your personal retreat starts for example with a beach walk n`talk in the morning.

Welcome to your personal 1:1 retreat on Mallorca!


Hideaway für 3-5 travellers

1001 Nights.

Magic is what it takes. Connection. With you and a fine, small group. Sunrise yoga on the roof terrace of our riad. Mentoring sessions accompanied by the magic of the city.

Arriving deeply. In the desert. In the Atlas Mountains. With you. The magic of 1001 Nights.

Palma La See und Wiesen

in life takes place through upheavals.

Christine Rudolph Welle



Absolute confidentiality and professionalism in dealing with your data is very important to me personally. Your data will be treated with the utmost discretion, far more than is required by data protection laws.


Thinking outside the box? Bringing crazy ideas to reality? The sky has no limit! I will join you on your search for your life’s visions – with the first steps towards realisation.


My in-depth and varied training and further education over more than 10 years and even more my many years of experience in dealing with people in different cultures as well as in project management in a corporate environment support you and your issues in many ways.


The most important thing for me is my open, loving attitude. Towards myself, in my daily interaction and in my work with you. Diamond-sharp clarity and structuring in your creative process support your path.


My intense intuition and high vibrational energy shows you your way into your own clarity; very playful and easy. Connected.

Creating life visions and
immerse upheavals in gold

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of being able to perceive cracks and fractures as one’s own power and to “dip them in gold” in order to make them artfully visible as acquired wisdom and strength.

This fine process is what it is all about. It requires trust. Being able to open up.

We meet online for a personal conversation before a joint journey.


I am looking forward to it.

You need to  Feel it to heal it.

Christine Rudolph Welle



TheraCoaching I Since 2010 private consulting for psychotherapy, mental training, communication & coaching, workshops & seminars


Systemic coach


Intercultural coach


Business I Brand & Communication Coach


Couple counsellor


Psychotherapist (HPG)




Yoga Practitioner, Teacher and Therapist




Graduate in Business Administration (HR/Management/Organisation)


International business development in Asia


29 years of experience in the corporate world in several international large corporations


16 years of Experience in Asia (South East Asia & Pacific, India, South Asia, China, Far East)

Systemisches Coaching am Meer
Meditation am Meer
Businesscoaching auf See
Aufstellungscoaching auf Mallorca
Coaching mit Therapiehund auf Mallorca
„I am extremely grateful for the opportunity… Even though I had a strong interest in projects and strategy, the exposure I received helped me immensely… I can’t thank you enough.“
Amanda Gooneratne

COO I Sri Lanka

„Ich bin sooo froh, daß ich in mich investiert und für mich dieses tolle Programm gebucht habe. Mit Dir zusammen komme ich so richtig ins Tun!“
Susanna P.


„Danke für diesen guten Tipp! Und all Deine Ideenvielfalt für die täglichen Impulse! Ganz abgesehen von der „Vorarbeit“, daß das alles so reibungslos durchläuft.“
Annette K.

Teilnehmerin am Sommer-Retreat

Christine Rudolph - Umbruch Burnout Coach und Therapeutin



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