Christine Rudolph


Supervision for highly sensitive poeople

I accompany courageous women in times of change on their way to their


I pick you right up, where you are standing in your life just now.

Where questions lead your way.

Where you can’t get any further without an outside view.

I accompany you in person in a 1: 1 setting for 6 months – in and through your transformative journey.

Would you like to know more about it?

Nahaufnahme einer Rosenblüte

Your feminine Essence


I´m Christine.

Creative Life Design & Business Coach.

For highly sensitive women and entrepreneurs.

Women who want more in life. Who are looking for their meaning of life. Their “why”. Their very own vision. And their feminity.

I love being a driving force and sparring partner.

And I connect. The inside with the outside. And vice versa.

I love to see Diamonds shine. Every woman is such a diamond.

I am happy to support you in your progress and transformation of your life and business vision.


Stay present, don’t feed the Monkey Mind

Stay present, don’t feed the Monkey Mind

The term "monkey mind" comes from one of the Buddhist principles, defining it as a mind that is unsettled, restless, or uncontrolled. This constant activity in our minds can keep us from experiencing many situations with a healthy, relaxed approach. There are ways in...

What is the power of yoga and its benefits?

What is the power of yoga and its benefits?

Whether you have practised yoga before or not, many benefits come with it once you start diving into it. If you are wondering what the power of yoga and its benefits are and how it can be a source of improvement and better health in your life, keep reading as I am...

The last unicorn

The last unicorn

... is someone true to oneself Being true to yourself and free yourself from chains which are not meant for you - the meaning of a unicorn. Chains and Patterns Discovering ones own chains and patterns which are holding one back from their own and true path, is...

Happy Clients…

Testimonial Workshop als Bild

“Thanks for this great tip! And all your variety of ideas for the daily impulses! Quite apart from the “groundwork” that everything runs so smoothly.”

Annette B. | client | Set you FREE Challenge

Testimonial einer Kundin aus dem Coachingprogramm als Bild

“I am so grateful and happy that I have the chance to go through a coaching program with you. I am really looking forward to the coming time – and the changes.”

Annamarie K. | Client | 6-month-coachingprogram WildHeart*FreeSoul

Testimonial einer Kundin aus dem Coachingprogramm als Bild

“I am sooo glad that I invested in myself and booked this great program for myself. Together with you I really get going!”

Gerlinde S. | Client | 6-month-coachingprogram WildHeart*FreeSoul

It’s Going to be Perfect!

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