Let’s begin by talking about what storytelling is. As you might have imagined, it is precisely the art of narrating a story, a tale, or a situation. So knowing this, how can we integrate it with our own personal experiences and build our personal brand from there?. That’s what I will talk to you about here, about how storytelling in branding can help you create a personal and business image without turning to external elements. You only need you.

Are you familiar with storytelling?

You might have heard about this specific term before, maybe in something related to your business or maybe in a personal situation.

This concept or technique is widely used as a marketing strategy. Brands around the globe use storytelling to build a deeper connection between their audiences and their brand. By doing this, they present themselves not just as a company looking to sell more to their customers, but as something or someone with a more human approach. They want to show themselves as someone their customers can relate to.

So when I sometimes ask if you are familiar with storytelling, I’m not talking about stories as something that you make up, like a tale. I’m talking about real stories, the ones that happened to you in your life. The ones that make you who you are now.

We all have hundreds of experiences throughout our lifetime that ultimately make us who we are today. We are a compilation of the many situations and events that happen or have happened to us throughout our entire life.

And why is this important in today’s topic? Well, precisely because it’s these experiences and situations who build who are little by little, which is something we mustn’t ignore, as these events are what our “personal brand” is made of. Every one of us is built on that series of events that have turned us into who we are now, into the “brand” others see from the outside.

Storytelling in Branding

How can you use storytelling in branding for you or your business?

As I mentioned earlier, many companies around the world use storytelling as a marketing technique that will help them present themselves as familiar, relatable and something their target audiences would want to connect with.

Why do they do this specifically through the art of storytelling, you might wonder? The answer is easy: stories have proven to spark people’s attention. We are naturally drawn to listening or watching stories, it’s literally food for our brains.

That’s mainly the reason why we humans show such great interest in books, films, theatre, or other artistic expressions whose mission number one is telling engaging and exciting stories.

Brands and businesses worldwide realised this a long time ago and saw the power a good story has when you want someone to pay attention to you.

So how can you use this in your business and create a compelling and attractive personal brand? The same as these other brands do it, but by using your personal experiences as the basis for your storytelling. You are made of what you have gone through in your life, whether it has helped you grow into a stronger individual or into someone more confident.

So don’t be afraid of showing who you are and making others see that from you. The little stories you have experienced and continue to experience today continue to build your brand.

Introduce storytelling in branding for your business

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Sounds exciting? Let’s explore together how you can make the most of storytelling in branding for your business.

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