As you probably have heard, the human body is 65% water, no less. That’s exactly why it is so important that we don’t forget how much we need it to stay healthy and in good shape. It can sometimes be hard to stay hydrated, but once we incorporate good habits, the benefits are noticeable right away.

Let’s look at a few tips and reasons why we must always start hydrated, no matter the season of the year and regardless of practising exercise.

Why should we stay hydrated?

As we know, a great percentage of our body is water, so it makes sense to assume we need it to function, we need it to work properly. In fact, studies show how much we can experience the benefits of drinking water, from mental clarity, better skin, more hydrated joints, and even weight loss.

The level of hydration needed depends on every person, some people need more than the average, which is approximately around 2 litres a day (65 fl. oz). But some might even need less than that, as they only need to drink when they are thirsty.

The best and most effective way to stay hydrated is, as you might think, drinking water. But of course, there are other sources of hydration equally valid. Think about other watery beverages, such as natural juices, from fruits to vegetables, and hot drinks like coffee or tea.

Being well-hydrated has many benefits for our health as it also improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood.

If you are not a great fan of plain water, don’t worry, there are alternatives that can help you reach your ideal water intake. These are usually supplements to add flavour, with no calories, and a perfect option to have you drink your water that much easier.

Stay hydrated - our cells need water to function

How much water should I drink?

It all depends on your needs, the exercise you practise and your body needs. If you practise any kind of sport or physical activity it is good to drink before, during and after the activity. This can help you avoid injuries, with muscle recovery, and help to hydrate your joints, especially if it is a high impact sport.

And also, if you spend a good amount of your working hours in front of a screen or doing mentally demanding work, you should not forget to drink your water as well. Poor hydration in these cases can cause headaches, exhaustion, and mental heaviness. It can affect your memory, your mood, or your concentration.

Have water always in hand and make yourself drink more, you will experience the benefits right away!

To go for a safe amount, the medical community recommends from 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. However, it is always advisable to check with the doctor in case our body needs more than that to stay properly hydrated.

Stay hydrated and perform better

So now you know. If you want a natural, easy, and safe way to perform and feel better, turn to water. Increase your intake and you’ll see an increased ability to focus, improved general well-being, and a better physical state.

If you are struggling to find out what is causing you to feel disconnected from your work, you feel tired, or you feel like you can’t concentrate, try drinking more water and see some changes happen.

And remember, it doesn’t have to be just plain water. Enjoy additional natural beverages and make it a habit, not an obligation.

Combine this with physical activity and you’ll be on the path to an improved version of yourself.

Let’s talk and find out the techniques I use to be a more wholesome person, both in your personal and your business life.