Social limitations are normal in our society. How?

Imagine that you are completely ok. Just as you are. With all your “quirks” and all the trimmings.

There is nothing “wrong” with you. No “weaknesses”. There is nothing that needs to be “tinkered with”… neither your stomach, legs, bottom – nor any other issues.

Because you have your own personal power box. Filled with all your strengths!

Weaknesses? Social limitations!

I’ve never liked the word “weakness”. It implies that something is not “right” about or with us. Weakness. Companies often use this word to bring about so-called “improvements”. “You need to work more on your xyzzy…”. But the so-called strengths are deliberately ignored. That’s normal. Of course, in a system that is designed for higher, further, faster. By normalising a person’s strengths, an incentive system is created, the famous “carrot” that can never be reached. After all, others are “even better”.

The meritocracy does not accept “weaknesses”

After all, it’s about results. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), profit… Numbers. Ultimately about money. A lot of money. The company’s profit. Of course, no company can survive without covering its costs. But is this the SENSE of a company? Profit as the reason for a company?

This very old conditioning – and after all, companies are “only” people – means that we are on a trip of performance. For profit. Even if often without meaning. Profit is what counts.

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You are perfectly fine

And we are losing ourselves more and more. We – and companies – are following this one goal. Even though there are already a few institutions that are trying to break up the old matrix (aka social limitations). Similarly, people whose values are different are now increasingly leaving the “old world”. Whereby this “old world”, i.e. the learned social restrictions, have simply been anchored for a very, very long time and therefore seem “normal”, but in fact they are not. They are learnt and conditioned and have usually been passed on over a very long time. So that it seems “normal” to us.

Tomorrow you will be what you think today.


How often do we think to ourselves: I can’t do that. I can’t do that. I’m too non-conformist. Too open. My boss says I need to work more on my xyzzy. In short: I’m not okay. It is a social limitation. One favours the other. And the boss does it because he hasn’t learnt any other way. And doesn’t question it.

We have learnt it no other way

Fear and “getting better and better” have been with us since we were little – and of course we pass this on in the same way. There is nothing wrong with this in itself, but it becomes a judgement (too…) and is turned into the ultimate. These are the so-called socially learnt restrictions, conditioning and imprints.

How about a new perspective? A feeling. A re-learning to adopt a completely different perspective? To work with people and to lift them to their outstanding potential?

The view from social limitations is limited: Unlearn to Re-Calibrate

And limited vision within these social limitations view gives no opportunity for growth. For real change. For open experimentation. For creative ideas!

You need air for that! Lots of air. Without judgement. Unconditionally. I’m talking about acceptance here. Respect. And of course it makes sense to develop personally. No question about it! What I’m talking about is the performance-driven “optimisation” of things that may not suit a person at all.

You are perfect - shine your light

Do you know where your “strengths” lies? The things or activities that you really love? Do you know exactly what you don’t like?

No? That’s exactly the point: you are completely OK. You don’t need to be a victim of social limitations. You are ENOUGH the way you are. Full stop. You don’t have to develop “your weaknesses” and simply struggle with them. Because it’s not something you like to do.

But what is essential is the…

Focus on your zone of genius

And THIS… this is exactly YOUR THING! And therefore: easy. For you. Because: complete flow. You don’t even realise that you’re working. Or how time flies. This is the genius zone: your genius zone. And that’s what it’s all about: developing your genius, your preferences, your skills. It’s not difficult, because it suits you anyway! From my point of view, this is time well spent – and you’ll have fun doing it!

Stay in the flow

I would like to invite you to do a little exercise. Take perhaps 30 minutes for this, or longer if you prefer.

  1. Sit down in a quiet place, perhaps with yourself and nature. Ask yourself the question: Where am I really in the flow? In which situation? In which place? In which activity? And then please write EVERYTHING down – from your gut.
  2. Do you have a wild chaos on your page? Or just one word that keeps recurring? Wonderful! Now cross out everything that doesn’t make your cells dance 100%.
  3. Ready? Now find the similarities between all these words – is there anything in common? Write it down.
  4. Now you can slowly narrow down your keyword… Do you already have an idea?
  5. Have you found your flow? The thing that makes you shine? Perfect! And now:

Are you living what you love?

The question of questions… Are you living what you love?

Yes? Congratulations!!!

No? No time? No possibility? First you have to do xyz? Can’t because…? Yes, our inner stones and learned social limitations often stand in our way.

If you would like to clear these away and explore your personal genius zone more (and getting out of your own social limitations), then I invite you to have a personal conversation with me.

I look forward meeting you.