Much like anything related to the feminine term, people tend to assume it has to do with women stuff. And the truth is that, traditionally, that is the general conception of the word. The feminine way, however, doesn’t have to mean something done the way a woman would. It means putting the focus on different human traits when handling your life or your business.

A new wave of leadership in businesses and companies around the world is putting the focus on the need for a change. The masculine ways, based on authority, power, and assertiveness may be soon a thing of the past. Let’s explore how the new feminine way might be a much-needed revolution.

The patriarchic structures

As a society, we have learned over the past centuries that leadership is to be left to men, as we thought they naturally possess the traits that make them more assertive, confident, and authoritative.

However, the times are changing and the masculine way of leading is being left behind to embrace a new way to lead businesses and companies. That is the feminine way.

We have realised that we need to let go of the constraints of the masculine way of doing things, more focused on accomplishing material things rather than thriving as humans.

These two ways, the masculine and feminine, don’t mean they have to be gender-specific, as we all have the influence of both in the way we handle ourselves and the people around us. The masculine approach is more focused on the self, as it guarantees their own survival. But the feminine way focuses on looking at others as a way of evaluating them and determining how to survive.

The patriarchic structures our society has been built on has taught men that in order to be better leaders, they need to enforce this “survival” mode, turning to a more competitive approach to any situation, and with an aim to get the power.

Feminine way -Leadership Retreat on Mallorca

The feminine way

Enter the feminine way of leading a business, creating relationships, and handling ourselves in our everyday lives.

This new feminine wave is tremendously powerful as it places the focus on creating, connecting, validating, and recognizing others. It is no longer about accomplishing personal and individual success, it’s about creating a network where everyone is included and listened to.

Imagine building a business built on trust, collaboration, empathy, and pushing others forward. The outcome can be absolutely mind-blowing. The feminine way is all about putting the attention on others and on how they can thrive as professionals or humans.

So this is not just about placing more women in positions of leadership, it is about everyone embracing these feminine traits, both men and women, to become true leaders for their teams.

The times have immensely changed. People are about to take over slowly their self-responsibility and discover their creativity. Which is so much needed!

The “feminine way” is not necessarily about being a woman. Both men and women are having both parts inside: the feminine as well the masculine. Yin and Yang.

Christine Rudolph
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The new leadership model

The feminine way of leadership, coming from the deep inner self, is surrounded by a true will of understanding and empathy, because it’s people-oriented, rather than “thing”-oriented. If you are looking to become a better leader and answer to the current needs many people have at their workplaces, try embracing your feminine side and practice intuition, empathy, collaboration, let go of useless egos, and work to make the people around you thrive.

It will automatically translate into a more welcoming environment and into business success. Just you try.

It all comes down to listening to your heart and soul. Your deep inner knowing. It’s about your connection to people and about being a human being yourself: lead with your heart and NOT with your Ego.

Let´s speak if you feel like diving into the new way of leadership – insideout.