When a major event in our lives happens or we feel like we are in the middle of a life transition, it is often normal to not adjust easily to these changes. Transition phases in life can be hard to digest, as we might tend to evaluate our lives, we look at our successes or failures, which can be painful at times.

How do you deal with transition phases in life?

Transition phases in life are hard. Leaving an old life and a big chapter in one’s life is transforming like almost nothing else. Events like reaching a certain age (also known as a midlife crisis), changing jobs, becoming a parent, going through a divorce, or grieving the loss of someone beloved.

Letting go doesn’t mean what you experience on the visible side, but even more on the invisible and tiny parts in one’s life.

All kinds of “stuff” are coming up, they may be physical (like it happened to me right just recently) or mental, or both. Now you must let permission in. The permission for all kinds of things that are only now showing up and making themselves visible.

Transition phases in Life_ Coaching on Mallorca with Christine Rudolph

Before it is becoming really great, it is getting worse

Society is usually calm about these topics (as with many others as well), but it affects almost everyone in different situations in life. But these experiences shouldn’t be disregarded, as they can be a source of frustration for many people.

Me going through another huge transforming process (transitions phases in life are inevitable and usually an ongoing learning process) allows me, even more, to accompany my clients in these changes, once I am ready again to rise like a Phoenix…

Midlife Coaching with Christine Rudolph

The time is always NOW. And not tomorrow.

Whether we feel ready to face these changes or not, the time to work on them for a better understanding of the moment we are going through is always now.

It is no use to postpone dealing with our feelings, we must face them today and not tomorrow. The delay can only contribute to growing our discomfort, our frustration and lack of understanding.

Too many people are still in the “hide & seek” mode, out of old patterns & unknown traumatic responses.

It is time. To talk. To wake up. To support each other.

Let’s talk and tell me about what life-changing events you are experiencing.