I can simply sense things

Just like that, completely normal.
That’s how it always was for me.

It is called High sensitivity.

slow coaching approach with Christine Rudolph for high sensitivity people

It was all the more incomprehensible to me that other people are probably not (so) able to feel things in advance in a highly sensitive way

So at some point I realised – quite surprisingly – that I was highly sensitive.

I don’t “do” it – it’s “just there”.
I know about situations in seconds or get an impulse.
Days, weeks, months in advance.

In hindsight, they were always right.

I used to realise things long in advance that were discussed for ages in loooong meetings, for example… and I wasn’t understood at all… and I didn’t understand why the others didn’t “see” it too, and instead always had to discuss what was “obvious”…
For me.

A few months later, it happened exactly as I had said it would…

Highly Intuitive is also called this in English, with the description “Your Bullshit Detector is always on point.”
That’s right!

On the one hand perhaps scary, but on the other hand that’s what defines me, among other things: deep feeling and empathy – in my companions as my gift to the world.

This kind of high intuition is of course also a task: with myself. Because I take on far too much “just like that”, more than is good for me. And that means taking good care of myself – setting healthy boundaries for myself and constantly cleansing myself of external energies.

Every person, every living being, every “thing” is energy. And every experience. Everything

With high sensitivity, they just flow into me. And of course that’s not possible.

So it’s a task… to provide loving support on the one hand and to protect myself on the other.
Incidentally, this is a general issue for coaches and therapists and, of course, for everyone.

Your own high vibration is a very important component of being healthy. Of being healed.

And I can feel that too.
In places, spaces.

How do you feel about it?
Can you feel it? Good energy, bad energy?

High sensitivity can be a very personal journey on which we get to know ourselves better and develop our abilities. It requires conscious self-reflection and a willingness to deal with the challenges that can come with this particular sensitivity.

An important component is self-care.

As highly sensitive people, we tend to be overwhelmed by the needs of others and neglect ourselves in the process.

Christine Rudolph, Systemic and somatic therapist, Founder & CEO
High sensitivity in a loud world

High sensitivity: Knowing and setting boundaries

It is crucial that we learn to recognise and respect our own limits. This means that we allow ourselves times of rest and retreat in which we can regenerate. By recognising our own needs and meeting them, we can promote our well-being and inner balance.

Dealing with stress is also very important for highly sensitive people. As we tend to perceive stimuli more intensely, we are more susceptible to overstimulation and can be overwhelmed by stress more quickly. It is therefore important to learn techniques to reduce stress and relax. These can be activities such as meditation, yoga or walks in nature. Everyone has individual preferences and it’s about finding what works best for you.

Another aspect that can help us to utilise our high sensitivity is building a supportive network. Sharing with other highly sensitive people can be very rewarding as we can understand and support each other. In online forums, self-help groups or special communities, we can exchange ideas with like-minded people, share experiences and receive valuable tips. It can be very helpful to realise that we are not alone in our feelings and challenges.

It is also important to recognise that high sensitivity is not always easy. There are times when we feel overwhelmed or wish we didn’t feel so intensely. It’s okay to have these feelings and give yourself permission to feel them. Dealing with high sensitivity is an individual journey, and it’s important to be compassionate and patient with yourself.

Finally, we can also see our high sensitivity as a gift that we can bring to others. Our ability to empathise with others and sense subtle energies allows us to be empathetic and supportive companions. We can help other people recognise their own needs and connect more deeply with themselves. It is a wonderful opportunity to see our highly sensitive nature as a gift to the world and to develop our potential as a healing presence.

Overall, high sensitivity is a unique and enriching quality that allows us to experience the world in a deep and intense way. However, it also requires a certain amount of self-care, boundary setting and sharing with other highly sensitive people. By utilising our abilities, respecting our needs and surrounding ourselves with a supportive community, we can develop our high sensitivity as a gift and lead a fulfilled life.

Are you also highly sensitive or do you think you are?

Let’s talk – I accompany highly sensitive people in cases of excessive stress, fatigue or burnout – because that’s where they get into very quickly due to their personal structure.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards, Christine