In today’s global landscape, where the male leadership is overwhelmingly high, it would be natural to think that if there are so many men in positions of power, that means they might be doing something right. However, many of these leaders prove to be incompetent or simply inadequate precisely because they are too focused on the male way.

Today, I’ll talk about how feminine leadership traits can transform the whole story, simply by being more connected with all those natural features women have.

How can feminine leadership help you in your business?

Have you ever been told that, when speaking to colleagues or about business, you sound angry, like you are arguing even? It may sound crazy, but that does happen to many women and many of them act surprised because the truth is they weren’t angry or arguing when having those interactions, so why do they sound like that?. This is what happened to this article’s author before realizing that something had to change.

Well, the answer to that is simple. As a society, we are thought that men are natural leaders, they present themselves as the stronger parties, and they must always have control of the situation, so it’s natural to think that if men do it and it works for them, women should do the same to act as valid leaders.

Nothing further from reality. Women leaders around the world struggle every day with this character play they have to put on every time. The result of that is only frustration, disappointment, and broken psychology. There is a misconception that if we don’t act as men do, we are doomed to fail, as we are not acting as proper leaders.

The reality for many women in power is that every time they choose to act like something they are not, there are bound to fail.

Instead, we need to explore a new kind of leadership: feminine leadership. Women possess natural traits such as empathy, humility, or having a nourishing personality, which are features that have proven better performing in work environments. Women who rely on their instincts, or show more interest in relationship dynamics help create more pleasant workplaces and encourage stronger engagement from their teams.

Some studies show that women tend to lead through encouragement and inspiration, changing people’s attitudes and beliefs, helping them achieve meaning and purpose rather than through material rewards, as probably men would opt for.

Feminine Leadership

What traits make feminine leadership the next business revolution?

As we can see, women’s nature is more connected to growing the human and personal side of relationships, placing the attention on how they can help others thrive or engage. Women have very interesting and useful traits but, unlike many men, women are typically more afraid of using them at the workplace.

There are many features many women in power choose to disguise or simply do not use, despite them being probably the best approach to many situations.

Self-awareness. Women are more prone to understanding their own limitations, whereas men usually feel the need to present themselves as confident at all times. Women may be less overconfident than men, but that is a good thing as they can better determine where there’s a gap and work from where they are to where they want to be.

Put people first. It doesn’t make sense to try and turn a team into the best in the world when its leader is only focused on themselves. Placing the attention on how your team can feel listened to, considered, and supported will make them a better performing group of people. Men are generally more self-focused than women, they chase after personal accomplishments rather than team wins.

Empathy. New times call for new ways and in leadership trends, this is no exception. Leaders are expected to have a connection with their teams. Women are typically the ones who show more appreciation, validation, encouragement, and empathy. Understanding the needs and struggles of their team, make women become leaders more in line with what people expect from them.

Promote others. As women are less likely to present themselves as self-focused or self-centered, they are not afraid of promoting or supporting others, regardless of whether them being better at something. Ego is hardly an issue when it comes to showing appreciation for a colleague.

Express their feelings. Women are historically seen as weak because they show or express their feelings more than men. But the new trends in people management show that is a positive trait as you let others know how you feel in certain situations, which helps them become aware if they can change something to improve it. This is the power of feminine leadership.

Feminine Leadership Coaching

Embrace your feminine nature to become a better leader

So instead of managing groups of people or work teams from a masculine approach, we have seen how a feminine perspective can transform any work dynamic and make it more efficient and human-oriented. Remember that embracing this new way of becoming a leader emphasizes mentoring, appreciation, validation, and understanding. The perfect combination for a thriving and successful team of workers.

Are you looking to explore feminine leadership?

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