We often recognise sensuality in connection with love relationships with another person.

However, sensuality, being sensual or rich in meaning, “rich in senses”, is something that characterises us humans. We have only unlearned it through conditioning in the “society” system and, as a result, unfortunately increasingly sick people who favour meaninglessness as an adaptation to a pathogenic environment.

For me, being meaningless is unfortunately the most favoured form of pure functioning in the so-called meritocracy.

Higher, faster, further brings people into cycles in which they can only do one thing: keep going. Beyond their limits. If necessary, with stimulants, artificial drugs. So as not to fall behind and be dismissed as “weak”.

In the same way, an incredible number of things are now devoid of meaning and buildings or even cities are devoid of soul and meaning. Living, meaningful food and good water are the exception rather than the rule. No spirit inside.

Living Sensuality in life Coaching with Christine on Mallorca

Natural life itself is meaningful.

Full of senses. Sensory experiences. Smell, taste, feel, see, hear.

The organs capable of sensory perception are ways and means that lead to the souls.

Ibn Hazm – Abū Muhammad ʿAlī ibn Ahmad Ibn Hazm az-Zāhirī al-Andalusī

When many things already exist without sensuality and people – cut off from themselves – live in a world without their own senses:

How does sensuality work in everyday life?

Inviting the senses back into our daily consciousness requires exactly that: being aware. Mindfulness. Perception. Sensing and feeling. Quite simply: tasting how an apple tastes, smells, looks, what texture it has, what colour. For example. Or simply noticing how loud it often is around you or how insensitively doors are often slammed, loud phone calls are made, people fog themselves up with artificial perfume without any sense or reason…

Not a judgement. But perception.

Quite consciously.

I’ve always noticed these little details. Being highly sensitive in a world of great insensitivity is incredibly exhausting.

People lose themselves in this jumble of artificiality and noise. They lose contact with themselves.

This is exactly where sensuality comes in:

In touch with yourself.

Feel your feet. The warm sand that carries you. Or the meadow. The sun on your skin. Enjoying a meal prepared with all your senses: What does a lemon taste like? An avocado? Pomegranate? The water you drink? Powerful inspirations to accompany you throughout the day.

Water as one of the elements of life Coaching with Christine on Mallorca

Perceive the elements. (Re)activate your own senses.

This is only possible if I get out of the “just-just-as-fast” mode. And I really mean getting out of it. Consciously and permanently. You can’t just consume the senses and the elements “on the spur of the moment”, as is usual in the world of superlatives.

The elements lead you back. To you. Into your body. Into feeling and perception. To the ground. Into grounding – away from fantasy worlds in the perpetual motion machine – into the now.

The 4 elements of life: water, earth, fire, air

The four elements known in European culture The four elements known in European culture break our existence down to the essentials. So simple.

In Chinese teachings and also in Ayurveda, there are five elements that are slightly different. I personally work with the five elements from Ayurvedic teachings. These simply make the most sense to me and are wonderfully practical to apply to every situation in life. I will write separate blog articles on the elements and Ayurveda, as the topic is simply too big for that.

The elements bring you into contact with yourself, your body and your essence

It starts with the choice of your environment, what you eat, what you generally allow to get to you (people, media, what kind of food and what energies). I invite you to have a personal conversation with me.

I would be happy to accompany you (again) into feeling, into your body and on your very personal sensual journey through life. And if you like, I’ll see you soon by the sea – with the infinite blue – here with me on Mallorca.

Powerful sensuality is an ode to life

Have a nice time!